Performing groups
  • Templar Singing Ambassadors
  • Letran Filipiniana Dance Company
  • Letran Marching Band
  • Lakas Arriba Cheerleading Team (Letran Cheerleading Team & Letran Cheering Squad)
  • Teatro de Letran
  • Letran Jazz Endanza
  • Forte
  • Letran Squires Uknighted
services offered
  • Gives Scholarship/ Grants.
  • Develops and implements programs for the promotion of Letran core values and
  • Supports Arts and Education by providing a good training ground with able teachers and moderators.
  • Provides opportunities for performing here and abroad.
  • Accommodates invitations for out of school competitors.
  • Allows team building off-campus leadership training.
  • Offers workshops, seminars in choir singing, dancing and stage acting.
  • Establish linkages with other school based performing arts groups.
  • Accepts invitation to assist in processions – Grand Marian Procession and other religious activities. (Letran Band)
Departmental objectives
  • To assist the academic departments in their accreditation undertakings
  • To participate in the research undertakings of the institution
  • To provide developmental activities that will enhance the leadership skills and the core competencies of the students
  • To implement the disciplinary policies of the Colegio stipulated in the Collegiate Student Handbook
  • To develop and implement programs for the promotion of the Letran Core Values and advocacies
  • To formulate and execute programs that will help the Letran community imbibe the characteristics of a Letranite
  • To lead in the development and supervision of the programs and activities for the promotion of culture and the arts
  • To participate and win in arts competitions and events
  • To lead in the organization of special events for students related to culture, arts, and sports
  • To participate actively in the community service programs of the Colegio
  • NCAA Cheer Camp, February 8, 2016, Mapua Institute of Technology Gymnasium
  • 9th Anniversary of Letran Filipiniana Dance Company, February 17, 2016, SC Auditorium
  • “BLURRED” (A Collaboration Play of Letran & San Beda), March 3, 2015, San Beda College & Colegio de San Juan de Letran
  • NCAA Cheerleading Competition, March 8, 2016, Mall of Asia Arena
  • Letran Squires Uknighted Recital, March 30/31, 2016
  • Letran Filipiniana Dance Company Rehearsal Show, Every Saturday (February-March 2016), Letran Manila-Boy Scout Monument

The Letran Templar Singing Ambassadors is the official and premier chorale of Colegio de San de Letran-Intramuros, Manila. It is composed of students coming from different programs of the Colegio. The Letran Templar Singing Ambassadors & El Estribillo de Los Escolares were crowned the two-time defending Champion in the Philippine Tour Operators Associations (PHILTOA) Chorale Competition 2014 and 2015 held at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia. Also the group was one of the finalists in the FEUropa National Chorale Competition 2015, a competition sponsored by the European Union. The group has had guestings in different tv stations, and events. Moreover, the group participates in various concerts, serenades different known personalities and has had its first out-of-town concert: the 1st Cagayan Valley A Capella Chorale Festival. The Letran Templar Singing Ambassadors are under the guidance of Conductor Ms. Elsie Z. Eranista, a former member of the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers. The Letran Templar Singing Ambassadors are conquering new heights for the glory of Deus, Patria and Letran.

The Letran Filipiniana Dance Company is the official folk dance group of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Intramuros-Manila. The group was founded on February 17, 2007 through the efforts of Asst. Prof. Randy A. Lero, the artistic director of the group. The members are composed of students from different programs of the Colegio. The group’s repertoire is divided into five suites: Northern Luzon Mountain Tribes, Encuentros de dos Mundos, Muslim Tapestry, Tribal Mindanao, and the Rural Philippines. The Letran Filipiniana Dance Company is directly affiliated with KIFA (Kawachinagano International Friendship Association) Osaka, Japan. Through KIFA, the company was introduced to the International World Program in Kawachinagano, Osaka City, Japan in 2014. The group is one of the recipients of the Medal of Honor from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, in Bandung City, Indonesia, November 2014. It is also one of the adopted dance companies of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It has performed for international dignitaries in five-star hotels and television programs in the Philippines.

The Letran Cheerleading Team (LCT) is the bona fide cheerleading team of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The organization is committed to promulgate the Arriba spirit within and outside the Colegio. It forms a team of disciplined cheerleaders that preserve the heritage cheers, yells, and hymns of the Colegio. The team promotes enthusiasm and sportsmanship to athletes and spectators bringing pride to the Colegio in every sporting event and cheerleading competitions.

The Letran Cheering Squad (LCS) is a recognized student organization which was established as one of the primary oraganizations in the Colegio. The LCS is responsible for uplifting the Arriba Spirit of every Letranite by teaching students the cheers and yells that are used during sporting events. Letran Cheering Squad is seen in National Collegiate Atheletic Association (NCAA) during halftime performances and as crowd handlers. LCS can also be seen during Colegio-wide events such as Binyag Arriba and Pep Rally.

The Letran Marching Band started in the early 1930’s. It is composed of brass, wood, wind, and percussion sections. It is one of the Co-Founder and Pioneer members of the NCAA Band United. In 1970’s the Letran Marching Band has started participating and performing in NCAA games alongside the Letran Cheering Squad.

The Letran Jazz Endanza is the recognized jazz and contemporary group of the Colegio. The group has graced different events and activities inside and outside school campus. It won the National Dance Championship 1st runner-up (All Girl College Jazz) last February 28, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

They are composed of students from the Basic Education Department who possess talents and skills in the field of street dance. They have performed and participated in various prestigious events here and abroad ( Hong Kong 2014,2015 and San Diego, California, USA 2015). These groups have also won several titles and ovations at the CMLI Annual National Convention held in Baguio City, Philippines.

The Forte is the recognized Hip-Hop group of the Colegio. It has actively participated in different events and activities inside and outside school campus. It has sponsored the High Schoolers Asian Hip-Hop Championship, an International Hip-hop Competition based in Hongkong here in the Colegio, on May 16, 2015.

The Teatro de Letran is the versatile group of students that has staged quite a number of original short plays. The group is a member of Inter-collegiate Drama guilds. It has had the chance to experience working with the members of the Philippine Stagers Foundation, a Multi-Aliw Awardee, and the Philippines Broadway Performers

Contact Information

Cultural Affairs: 527 76 93 loc. 239