Rector ‘expresses solidarity’ with Letran Student Council

July 12, 2016


JULY 12 – Rev. Fr. Clarence Marquez, OP, the rector and president of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, acknowledged the importance of the role of the Letran Student Council (LSC) during a courtesy visit by its members yesterday.

Now on his second year as head of the oldest college in the country, Marquez said that, as he was once a student leader himself, he ‘sympathizes and expresses solidarity with the aspirations and experiences of the current LSC’. The rector was the Letran High School Student Council Vice-President from 1984 to 1985.

Marquez said that students are the core assets and primary human resource of the Colegio and, with the upcoming Quadricentennial celebration, they will be a source of energy ‘which the Colegio would harness, in order to produce a most meaningful and most worthy celebration.’

In addition, Marquez said that, based on the results of the Educational Management Survey conducted recently, the student body is encouraged to be pro-active. With the Colegio implementing Outcomes Based Education this year, the LSC is expected to help in making the system work.

Marquez told the LSC to represent what is best for Letran. “Lead by good example. Be good, be proud, [and] be happy,” he said.

All for Letran

During the visit, the LSC introduced the Executive Committee and the Student Senate, after which they discussed briefly their activities for Academic Year 2016 – 17.

According to LSC president Samantha Marcellana, a senior Communication student, the Council’s goal is to have sustainable projects, citing examples such as a Praise and Worship concert, Spiritual camp, and an advocacy-driven Mr. and Ms. Letran, among others.

Marcellana voiced out her appreciation of the willingness of the rector to work hand in hand, not only in school activities, but also in attending to issues concerning student welfare and the review of policies.

“It is good that Father [Clarence] and the several administrators that we were able to talk to are all open to work with us,” she said. “We especially felt the trust Father has for us – the LSC – which acts as the bridge of the students to the administration.”

Marquez assured that the LSC as ‘voice’ will always be received by his ’ears’. He said that they should not merely complain, rather, demand efficiency and accountability from the Colegio.

“He told us that he is one with us in promoting our [motto] – All For Letran,” Marcellana further said. “All that we do really – all of it is for Letran.”