Seminar-workshop held for Letran’s support staff

May 31, 2016


Bring on the WOW factor.

Relevant to the preparation for the Colegio’s Quadricentennial, the Enrollment Management Committee and the Human Resources Department teamed up for a seminar-workshop entitled, “The Colegio’s WOW: A Quality Service Commitment”.

Aimed to train the support staff of the Colegio to serve the stakeholders, particularly the students, in the best way possible, the seminar-workshop was split into two days – May 24 and 27 – and was held at the St. Thomas Hall with Dr. Cristina Castro Cabral, the incoming Vice President for Academic Affairs, as the main speaker.

In her introductory speech, Cabral encouraged the participants not just only to do their jobs well, but also to learn to love what they do. She mentioned that she wants Letran to gain positive feedback from the stakeholders and only that.

“At the end of this academic year, we don’t want to see a P (poor) or NI (no improvement) [in the evaluation/ feedback],” she said, adding that the stakeholders should only have a WOW experience.

Cabral tackled the topics about customers, the WOW experience, what is expected of the employees of Letran, among others.

Other speakers were Diane Francisco of the Planning and Development Office; and Jhennie Villar, the director of the Office of Alumni and Public Affairs.

Later in the day, the participants were asked to come up with plans on how to deliver a WOW experience and even define what WOW should mean.

Rev. Fr. Clarence Marquez, OP, the rector and president of the Colegio, gave the closing remarks.