Wako representatives visit the Colegio anew

August 7, 2018


LETRAN X WAKO. The faculty of Wako shared their knowledge to the young Letranites.

In fulfillment of a budding partnership, Wako Tsurukawa Elementary School revisited Letran last July 30.

Members of the Japanese delegation were Hiroshi Narita, the vice principal; and Kozue Yoneda, Yoshito Ishikawa, and Yukino Nawai, faculty.

Grade 5 students enjoyed the company of the visitors, who took the time to impart stories about Japan and give out lessons on arts and crafts.

Wako members also made a courtesy call to Assoc. Prof. Cristina Castro Cabral, the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Letran has always been an institution that seeks, not only further development in terms of academics, but also a nurturing of relationships with schools here and abroad. In the past years, it has linked with other Japanese institutions such as Ohtani University, Seifu Nankai, and the Kawachinagano International Friendship Association.