LCV mounts Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay 2.0

Asst. Prof. Aurora Peñaflor February 17, 2017


The Letran Community Volunteers organized the second bloodletting activity for AY 2016-17 with the theme, “Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay 2.0” last February 15.

It was held at the Salon de Actos from 8AM – 5PM.

The community service activity was carried out in collaboration with the Center for Community Development and the Philippine Red Cross.

Fifty-six healthy donors were allowed to donate, majority of which are students.

For those who wish to donate blood, the representatives from the Philippine Red Cross who came emphasized the importance of rest and sleep, proper diet, right weight, and exercise. Among many vices, smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor are unacceptable.

Last September, the LCV, in its first launching of “Dugong Alay”, was able to collect more than a hundred bags of blood in two days.