The ideal of a Letranite is nobility, generosity and discipline of the Knight of Old. It draws its inspiration from God himself who guides his conduct and orients it towards Himself. The Letranite is also man-for-others. His relationship with other people is marked by fairness and generosity that flows from the nobility of his heart.

A Letranite is a faithful witness to the gospel message empowered by his strong relationship with the Lord and the teachings of his alma mater. He lives his faith based on sound catholic doctrines. Inspired by love of God and love of neighbor, he practices charity and justice to promote peace. Called to share in the prophetic role of Christ, he continuously propagates and defends the tenets and traditions of the church.

The Letranite is devoted to the Mother of God, whom he reveres and honors. His devotion to Our Lady is manifested in more ways than one, the more popular being the Rosary. Following a long standing tradition, the Letranite always carries the rosary, which he prays alone, with his peers and with his family at home.

The Letranite is stirred by constant search for truth. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, he possesses the ability to think critically, analyze, synthesize and form right judgment. He has uncompromising passion for truth. Instilled with the Dominican spirit, he acts with reason and insight.

The Letranite is a dynamic leader imbued with a strong desire to be of service to humanity. Inspired by the example of St. Dominic as “light of the world and salt of the earth”, he is formed to be a “catalyst of change”—one whose actions are always directed towards the betterment of the lives of others, and whose aspirations are meant for the building of progressive Christ-centered communities.

The successful Letranite excels and is recognized in his chosen field of endeavor. He is armed with professional competence to advance the national interest and global competitiveness. In his dealings, he practices fairness at all times. He maintains high dignity and integrity in the exercise of his profession.