We, the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, a Dominican institution of learning, commit ourselves to the quality formation of integral human person in our noble tradition of excellence and the supreme ideal of DEUS, PATRIA, LETRAN.

Specifically, we endeavor to form the Letran Community to become:

  • Staunch defenders of the Church;
  • Faithful devotees of Mary;
  • Ardent lovers of Truth;
  • Dynamic builders and leaders of communities; and
  • Successful professionals in their chosen fields of endeavors.


By 2020, we envision a Christ-inspired, nationally-responsive and globally-competitive Colegio de San Juan de Letran at the threshold of being a University, evidenced by quality academic standard, strong research culture and sustained community service.

Specifically, we see Letran as a leading center on the:

  • Creative use and application of information and communications technology in education;
  • Values-oriented communication and media education;
  • Historical studies and research, particularly in Intramuros
  • Development of self-reliant communities.